Spring Cleaning Suggestion

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Spring is almost here and it might be a time to do a little spring cleaning.  Clothes dryers don’t generally look very scary but they are responsible for thousands of house fires every year.  Whether you have a gas or an electric dryer, you will have lint.   It builds up inside the dryer hose, particularly and can reduce air flow and efficiency.  It can also cause humidity levels to rise around vents causing mildew and mold to develop in walls and insulation.   A local condominium association recommended getting one’s vent cleaned and I found my hose to be almost full to capacity.  It really surprised me.

Below please find three recommendations for getting your dryer vent cleaned out.

1.       All Seasons Dryer Vent: Zack  643-2303

2.       Dryer Vent Cleaning: 831-393-4851

3.       Reggie’s Window Cleaning: Reggie  831-393-9709

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